Spring without ailments: the effectiveness of thermal inhalation cures

Spring brings with it not only the rebirth of nature, but also those temperature changes that put a strain on our bodies, especially the respiratory system.

In this article, we see how thermal inhalation cures can become a true ally in protecting your health at this time of year.

The effects of temperature changes on the immune system

In spring, sudden changes in climate increase the human body’s exposure to flu-like viruses and other pathogens. These temperature variations affect the efficiency of the immune defences and mucociliary clearance, a defence mechanism of the upper respiratory tract that consists of the continuous turnover of mucus, facilitated by the cilia of the respiratory wall cells. If this mechanism is disrupted, the mucus is not renewed, allowing viruses to penetrate more easily.

Moreover, temperature changes compromise the body’s complex thermoregulation mechanism, which may struggle to adapt, with consequences especially for the upper respiratory tract.

The people most affected by this condition are those with reduced immune defences, such as children, the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases, who tend to develop frequent colds and pharyngitis.

How inhalation treatments act in seasonal illnesses

Thermal inhalation cures are an effective way to strengthen the immune system and protect the respiratory tract. These therapies help us feel better during this transitional period by acting directly on the mucous membranes and promoting fluidification and cleansing of secretions.

In cases of allergic rhinitis, a condition particularly common in spring, nasal washes with sulphurous waters have a fluidifying effect on mucus, protecting and regenerating the mucous membranes, and stimulating the immune system’s natural defences. Baths with bromine and iodine-salt water are particularly suitable where there are abundant secretions and scabs, due to the antiseptic action of iodine.

In the area of respiratory pathologies, Terme di Riolo offers two types of thermal water:

  • Acqua Breta, whose sulphurous component has a mucolytic and immune system-stimulating action. It is effective for catarrhal forms, sinusitis, bronchitis and to prevent respiratory allergies from inhalation.
  • Salsoiodic water, with mucous membrane cleansing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and moisturising properties.

There are numerous ways of administering inhalation treatments, with different depths of penetration and functions, including inhalation, atomisation, thermal aerosol or humage.

It must be remembered that these treatments must be carried out in the absence of the acute manifestation to prevent the stress given by the thermal waters from immediately exacerbating the symptoms and, of course, must not be considered a substitute for pharmacological therapy.

Spring promotion at Terme di Riolo: discover the benefits!

In order to evaluate the inhalation treatments best suited to your needs, in May Terme di Riolo offers the possibility of booking a free individual consultation with thermal doctors specialised in respiratory diseases.

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