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The Thermal Pool

Dive in, float, regenerate

Our thermal pool is the place where you can regain full energy and vigour.
The large pool allows you to enjoy the benefits of salso-bromo-iodine water, combined with the exercise of swimming.
It has different depths, increasing gradually to maximum in the central area.
However, it is shallow enough for use by all our guests.
The temperature of the water, between 32°C and 33°C in summer and 34°C in winter, induces a deep sense of relaxation, preventing strain on the cardiovascular system.
Although apparently enjoyable, spending a long time in water at high temperatures (above 35-37°C) is actually not recommended in the presence of cardiovascular disorders.

The pleasure of self-care and relaxation

The pool can accommodate up to 80 people. It has over 40 water jets of varying strength and direction: horizontal, vertical and angled for massaging the body and lower limbs, and laminar jets for the cervical and dorsal areas.
Two water bikes allow you to intensify muscle movement and work on toning.
The pool is completed by recliners with hydromassage jets and a mushroom waterfall.

Loved by guests for its soothing action on neck and joint pain, the waterfall faces the outdoor area, open during the summer and surrounded by sun loungers.
Adjacent to the pool is the vascular pathway, suitable for sufferers of circulatory problems, varicose veins and swollen legs.
The alternation of warm and cold water acts on these ailments, bringing relief. The pathway is open only to adults and included in the entrance fee.
The combination of these elements makes your experience more enjoyable, stimulating all five senses, body and mind.

After exiting the pool, we advise

Our staff and security guard are present throughout the day. You can ask them for further information or needs.

Available to guests

A sanitising system that keeps the properties of the water intact

The pool is sanitised with an ozone disinfection system, which has a high oxidation capacity and acts effectively against bacteria, algae and viruses.
This preserves the valuable trace elements of the water and their therapeutic properties:

These properties also make the pool suitable for the elderly and children, depending on their skin sensitivity.

A delight for eyes, body and heart

A sensory experience

Glasses & Stars

Would you like to spend an evening
that combines wellness with the tasting of local food and wine delicacies?

Aquatics for Babies

Aquatics is the prelude to the development of swimming skills. For this reason, we support babies in their first contact with the water, so that they are immediately calm and happy.
Specialist Gilberta Camorani has designed a dedicated area within the thermal pool, an environment that guarantees babies’ safety and tranquillity.
Groups are a maximum of five babies between the ages of zero and three, ensuring the utmost attention for each swimmer.

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