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The role of water at Terme di Riolo

Water takes the form of the container it occupies. This natural flexibility and adaptability continues at Terme di Riolo, where it plays a caring role for the entire body. Depending on the problem to be treated and the desired results, water is used in a variety of therapeutic processes. It is also the undisputed protagonist of the warm and inviting thermal pool, the wellness pathways and the beauty treatments on offer. All this is possible thanks to its medicinal properties, which are officially recognised by the Ministry of Health.

Where do the properties of thermal waters come from?

The town of Riolo Terme is surrounded by the Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola, a Unesco World Heritage Site. This natural wealth has contributed to the formation of some sixty springs, whose waters fall into salso-sulphide category. The official classification of each source is given in the therapeutic specifications, with a list of its characteristic elements. Rainwater penetrates the soil, absorbing its properties. During its journey it passes through the various layers of rock, and deposits of limestone, jasper, boulder and clay, which act as filters to remove impurities. However, the minerals remain intact until the water rises to the surface. This water is microbiologically pure and can be used exactly as it flows from the source.
Our in-house laboratory regularly checks the condition of the water in order to protect the health of patients and users.
These characteristics make the water suitable for specific treatment pathways, prescribed by a general practitioner or recommended by the spa’s doctor.

Breta, the quintessential detoxifier

Sulphur, sulphate-bicarbonate, alkaline earth water, rich in calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate and effective on respiratory diseases as demonstrated by the Institute of Respiratory System Diseases and the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Ferrara. The water’s antioxidant protective action has also been certified by the same university. Its composition and outstanding therapeutic properties broaden its range of application. The use of Breta spring water is actually recognised and authorised by the Ministry of Health for:

Vittoria, an ally against inflammation

A salso-bromo-iodine water containing hydrogen sulphide and considerable amounts of magnesium and sodium chloride, which give it a salty taste. It is recommended for hydropinic treatments.

Margherita, ideal for the digestive system

A salso-bromo-iodine water with small amounts of hydrogen sulphide, indicated for hydropinic treatments.

Salso-iodine water

Its healing properties are achieved through inhalation treatments, rectal and vaginal irrigations, thermal baths and mud therapies. This is the water of the Ancient Romans, lovers of spas and discoverers of the therapeutic virtues of thermal waters. These include the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory action and stimulation of the immune system.

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