The spring


The only thermal mud from a spring in Emilia Romagna

Terme di Riolo has an unlimited natural source of thermal spring mud. In fact, the local area is the only place in Emilia Romagna to enjoy this distinction. The credit goes to the Bergullo mud volcanoes or boilers, located 6.8 km from our establishment. The mud rises from the depths of the earth (between 1415 and 1500 metres), where the salso-iodine water amalgamates with some of the clay it passes through. It is pushed to the surface through small cones, rich in its characteristic elements, which offer treatment for various parts of the musculoskeletal system and cleansing, exfoliating and revitalising for the skin: salso-bromo-iodine water, minerals, organic humus and clay. We collect it with care, conscious of nature’s generosity. We keep it in protected tanks, in close contact with flowing thermal water, where it matures further and becomes even more effective.

Mud therapy

Mud therapy

Mud therapy: a warm and enveloping treatment

Spring mud is bluish-zinc in colour and has a very malleable texture, as well as excellent general characteristics (homogeneity, consistency, plasticity), a distinctly alkaline pH and a high swelling index. All this gives the mud a considerable ability to retain heat, which is slowly released during the session. It is spread manually over your body, at a temperature of 40 to 47 degrees. We then wrap you in towels and blankets to prevent heat loss, and leave you to relax for 20 minutes. At the end of this time, you enter a bath of salso-bromo thermal water for about 15 minutes. Therapeutic effectiveness can also be enhanced by a session in the thermal pool, where you can work on mobility through movement. The mud therapy is administered on a daily basis for 12 days.


The health benefits

Among the minerals contained in the thermal mud there is a prevalence of calcium, whose therapeutic qualities are important because its absorption takes place in contrast with the osmotic gradients, giving concrete results in terms of reducing antalgic muscle contractures and tension. Important curative effects are attributed to thermic stimulation for the release of endorphins, natural substances that decrease pain and that remain elevated in the body for several months following a complete course of mud therapy (studies carried out by the Institute of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Pavia). This has led to the inclusion of this therapy among New Rehabilitation Techniques, which help to restore mobility. The heat released by the mud also loosens contractures, pain and muscle inflammation, promoting the recovery of joint movement. Thermal mud therefore has natural pain-relieving, revitalising, muscle-relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an important part of the protocols of the Wellness Programme.

Therapeutic indications

It also benefits

How to access mud therapy sessions

You can start mud therapy treatment in agreement with the National Health System or independently. The first step is an admission consultation with the spa doctor, often with a referral from your general practitioner.
This is a key moment in your treatment pathway: by evaluating the clinical history of your symptoms and general state of health, the spa doctor will be able to offer you effective personalised care.

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