The History

The Natural Appeal of Wellness

Imagine a pristine landscape crossed by the Senio river. An area where nature has laid down precious gifts, hidden in the green of the woods and stored in the bowels of the earth for millennia.

Their properties were used by the ancient Romans, whose cult for spas is well known. The presence of sulphur springs and mud attracted travellers from all over the world for centuries, leading scientists to study their benefits on the entire human body.

Thanks to these waters and muds, the reputation of Terme di Riolo grew, bringing well-known figures such as the poet Lord Byron, the Bonaparte princes, the king of Naples Joachim Murat, and the writers Pellegrino Artusi and Giosuè Carducci.

Due to the increasing number of guests, it was decided to create a dedicated resort for spa treatments, where people could stay and enjoy the typical entertainments of the period, such as the casino.

And so in 1870 the project began to take shape, leading to the establishment of today’s facilities.

On July 24 1877, the doors officially opened, kicking off the first 150 years of health and wellness.

The refined charm and elegance of the original buildings remains, despite the ups and downs of history.

The sophisticated style is a bridge between the spirit of the past and today’s world with its rapid development.

The centre’s hospitality, medical assistance and personalised treatment pathways, along with the region’s only source of thermal mud, contributed to its recognition as a “Level One Superior Spa Facility” by the Ministry of Health.

The story doesn’t end there. In fact, it continues.

The thermal park

The thermal park:
rest the mind, rejuvenate the spirit

The combination of nature, spa treatments and wellness is immediately visible when you arrive at Terme di Riolo.

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