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A beauty treatment is never an end in itself.

Taking care of your appearance also means feeling better physically and mentally, enhancing global wellbeing. This is why at Terme di Riolo we have devised a programme that works on multiple levels: body, mind and spirit. Because it is only by balancing these three that radiant beauty is achieved. The face and body treatments use our own skincare products, which contain the active principles of the Breta, Vittoria and Margherita thermal waters and mud. A rich and unique combination that arises from the power and purity of nature.


A versatile treatment with a rebalancing and moisturising action particularly suitable for blemished skin and young skin affected by acne.

The face, neck and décolletage area are prepared with a gentle peel using our Apricot Granule Cream and then cleaned by squeezing any blackheads.

After this, the mud pack is applied. At the end of the treatment, the face is cleansed with salso-bromo-iodine water, always taking skin type into account.

Ideal for skin with a tendency to excess sebum and enlarged pores. A genuine beauty treatment with an antioxidant and oxygenating effect.

Smoothes the skin, refining the surface and toning and brightening the complexion. Includes cleansing, scrub and mud mask.

Includes two types of scrub: with product, and with a particular technique called pneumo-massage or anti-gravity massage.

The massage is followed by an alginate mask, containing champagne flavonoids or vitamin C.

It adheres completely to the skin, creating an extraordinary cast.

The skin is smoothed, firmed and toned thanks to the reverse blood flow, which helps increase collagen and elastin production. Dark circles and wrinkles loosen.

The result is a more youthful appearance that persists for some time after treatment.

An intensive treatment, high in tocopherols and vitamin C, that reduces the appearance of discoloured patches on the face. It can also lighten existing spots. Its antioxidant effect renews cells and reduces wrinkles, restoring and brightening the complexion.

Cleansing, scrubbing and massage for a fast and effective treatment, with the application of a disposable mask based on collagen and peptides. The face appears plumped, relaxed, illuminated and even, emanating beauty and health.

Treatment suitable for sensitive and couperose-prone skin, based on vitamin-rich fruit extracts. It deeply nourishes the skin and soothes redness, brightening the complexion.

Men's Face

Includes a scrub applied with various massage techniques and a moisturising mask. Rebalancing action for shaving irritation. Soothes redness and trauma to the skin. The mask can also be spread on the beard, softening the skin.
A facial cleansing carried out with specific products for men. Eliminates impurities and re-oxygenates the skin, thanks to the antioxidant power of fruit enzymes.


Thermal spring mud is mixed with lipo mud for aesthetic use, creating a natural mix that works on critical points at a deep level.

The ideal treatment for slimming, shaping and reducing cellulite, while simultaneously releasing muscle tension.

The mud is massaged all over the body, including the face, using our lipo mud cosmetic containing Margherita water, ventilated clay, kola and caffeine.

The pampering concludes with a dip in a hot tub containing salso-bromo-iodine thermal water.

Gentle apricot scrub with massage, for clean and hydrated skin.
Massage with peeling based on apricot granules and thermal salts. Removes dead cells and reactivates the circulation, leaving the skin velvet-smooth. The treatment concludes with a bath containing salso-bromo-iodine thermal water.
The specific bioactives contained in the bandage shape the legs, eliminating the feeling of swelling and heaviness.
This treatment is localised and is carried out on the abdomen and hips. It stimulates microcirculation, eliminates toxins, shapes the body and reduces orange peel skin.

This treatment is localised on the abdomen and hips. It stimulates microcirculation, eliminates toxins, shapes the body and reduces orange-peel skin.

An intensive nourishing and moisturising treatment consisting of massage with a hyaluronic acid mousse, for pleasant and creamy skin stimulation. Restores the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis and regenerates tissues throughout the body.

Treatment that relieves the strain of fatigue. Ideal after sport, the localised compress on the legs or back with Arnica cream invigorates and relieves discomfort, reducing inflammation. The treatment concludes with a localised massage using Arnica oil.
Blackcurrant oil envelops your body, releasing its scent in contact with the skin. Combined with a scrub, it helps drain the body, acting on fluid retention and imperfections. It gives elasticity and softness, helping to maintain skin tone.
A treatment particularly suitable for men with localised adiposity on the abdomen, buttocks and hips. Guarana, combined with salso-bromo-iodine water, helps reduce this by acting deeply on the contours of the body.

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