As easy as drinking a glass of water

Drink to keep the body hydrated. A daily action which, in hydropinic therapy, becomes a simple and spontaneous way to take care of yourself. For this purpose we use three types of spring water: Breta, Vittoria and Margherita. They must be consumed on site, to prevent the dispersion of their distinctive properties. For this reason, in the gardens of the spa you’ll find the Temple of Venus, a water source that runs from April to December. In adverse weather conditions, you can follow the course of treatment at our Natural Medicine Centre.

Water for hydropinic treatments

The intake of Breta, Vittoria and Margherita is usually restricted to adults. You can access treatment in affiliation with the National Health System. In this case, it is the family doctor who refers you for treatment, while the spa doctor decides on the type of water, methods and timings, depending on your situation. Alternatively, you can also access treatment without a referral, following a consultation with the spa doctor. Given the peculiarities of the three water types, they can also be combined with treatment pathways for intestinal well-being, consisting of colon hydrotherapy, rectal douching and anti-constipation massages, performed by our therapists.

Main therapeutic indications of Acqua Breta

Acqua Breta

Main therapeutic indications of Acqua Vittoria

Acqua Vittoria

Main therapeutic indications of Acqua Margherita

Acqua Margherita

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