The Natural Methods


The Natural Methods Centre combines the principles of Eastern and Western medicine to restore the mind-body harmony on which your overall wellbeing depends.
To this end, we use various holistic and natural treatments, some applied with the help of medicinal herbs, essential oils, fine clay, hay, spring water and mud from Terme di Riolo.
We also offer programmes that include moderate physical activity and dedicated nutritional regimes, essential to purify and revitalise the body.
Before proceeding, the team of doctors and spa operators will analyse your physical and mental health in order to create a personalised course of treatment and obtain the desired results.

This consists of inserting fine needles into specific points of the body to activate the biohumoral and neuroendocrine mechanisms. This stimulation rebalances the body, promoting health and wellbeing.

Osteopathy is a manual treatment method. Through contact, the osteopath makes a diagnosis and then administers a personalised treatment, respecting the relationship between body, mind and spirit. It detects any absence of structural integrity and intervenes to rebalance the body’s functions.

This technique eliminateslocalised fluid retention in the legs. It is also effective after certain operations which involve the accumulation of fluids in other parts of the body.

Lymphatic drainage can be combined with a cold compress of spring mud, enriched with essential oils. This stimulates the circulation, and relieves swelling and heaviness in the legs. Restores tone and reduces fluid retention.

Ideal for detoxifying the liver.

Useful for stimulating and purifying the kidneys; can be combined with herbal compresses to also work on the liver. Effective on muscle contractures, it is also recommended on the cervical spine, for a triple effect.

This happens in a tub filled with warm hay and flowers. A useful way of loosening muscle and joint contractures. It also has a purifying and relaxing effect.

Treatment in a hydromassage bath with Breta sulphur water, enriched with micronised essential oils. The oil blends are formulated for the specific pathology and passed through a special ampoule, which micronises them. This process facilitates absorption by the skin, enhancing its effectiveness.

This isperformedon the wholebody. You canalsochoosethe fullversion, which includes facial lymphatic drainage.

This involves the use of personalised essences, tested with our operator. The treatment uses Shiatsu techniques, taking into account the energy channels. Ideal for a relaxing effect.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, three forces, or doshas, coexist and circulate in our bodies: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When these are not in harmony, the body does not function properly. Ayurvedic massage therefore acts to restore balance, promoting the harmonious circulation of energies.

An all-over massage (head, hair, hands and feet included) with warm herbal oils to restore circulation. A traditional Indian method, it is customised according to your body shape and type. Useful for maintaining health and balance between mind and body.v

A treatment that aims to detoxify the skin and stimulate deep circulation.

A full-body massage with herbal oils to give overall balance.

A massage that helps free and purify the upper airways. It works in depth thanks to the use of medicated oil in the nose and on the outer surface of the ears.

Hot steam bath – recommended as a complement to Ayurvedic treatments
Encourages the elimination of toxins, cleanses the body and promotes cell renewal. Concludes with the use of a chilled bathrobe to create a thermal shock and stimulate circulation.

Intestinal health

Our gut is home to a series of microorganisms called the microbiota. Some are beneficial, others are harmful.

When an imbalance arises between these, intestinal function is compromised, leading in time to the development of disease.

Colon hydrotherapy and rectal douching help you take care of your intestinal health.

They restore correct and regular functioning, to the benefit of the entire body.

Colon hydrotherapy

This consists of painless cleansing with purified Breta thermal water. Its pH of 8 helps combat body acidity and detoxify the liver.
It also contains sulphur, a trace element that facilitates the cleansing of vital organs. The treatment is useful for purifying and stimulating both the colon and the small intestine. It acts on constipation and abdominal swelling, in cases where no other pathologies are present. It is also useful for diverticulosis, in the absence of acute inflammation. Following treatment, we recommend taking fermented milk products to restore the bacterial flora, and detoxifying herbal teas created by our specialists, which you can find in the herbalist department at our spa centre.
Colon hydrotherapy can also be combined with hydropinic treatment with Breta water, to complete the purifying action.

Rectal douche

Ideal to combat constipation. Its use must be carefully considered in the event of specific clinical problems. The treatment can be accessed through an agreement with the National Health Service.

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