Inhalation Therapy

and the ENT Centre

The use of thermal water in inhalation therapy

Inhalation treatments act on the respiratory system to prevent acute diseases becoming chronic and to alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases, facilitating their cure. For this purpose, we use two types of thermal water. The first is Breta, whose sulphur component has a mucolytic action and stimulates the immune system.

It is effective in the treatment of catarrh, sinusitis, bronchitis and to prevent inhalation-related respiratory allergies. It works as a natural desensitiser, bringing relief. The second is salso-iodine water, with mucosal cleansing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hydrating properties.

Therapeutic programme


The therapeutic programme is prescribed by the spa doctor following the registration visit, which requires a referral from your general practitioner. The same symptom can actually conceal a cause that varies from patient to patient, requiring completely different treatment pathways. Factors favouring the onset of respiratory disease, and which are therefore assessed, include

Therapeutic Means

Therapeutic methods available

The various methods of delivering inhalation treatments have different depths of penetration in the respiratory system and specific functions, depending on the method of delivery of the thermal principles (water, water with steam, sulphur gas) and the size of the particles inhaled. For therapeutic programmes, the spa doctor can recommend:

Vasoactive nasal irrigation is a specific feature of the Terme di Riolo. The alternation of hot and cold water makes this effective in the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis. Pulmonary ventilation improves respiratory function in cases of chronic bronchitis, including asthma, while insufflation acts on tubal phlegm and rhinogenic deafness.

Otolaryngology Centre

What does the Otolaryngology (ENT) centre do?

The ENT centre treats diseases of the upper respiratory system: ears, nose and throat. It is run by ENT specialists who are available for advice and consultations, often carried out with the help of fibroscopy. This is Terme di Riolo’s flagship treatment for rhinogenic deafness, especially common in children. It appears as a result of recurrent catarrhal infections which give rise to colds, coughs, earaches and reduced hearing. Over time, it can lead to a decrease in socialisation and school performance. The wellbeing of the ears can be maintained by insufflation with our Breta spring water, effective for improving hearing. This can be carried out through tubal catheterisation or the Politzer technique, which is particularly suitable for children. For further information, please consult the section on Terme Bimbo.

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