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We pride ourselves on our environmental sustainability

We know that we’re in a region whose resources must be respected and preserved. For this reason, materials such as thermal waters and muds are collected carefully and conscientiously.

We prioritise the maintenance of our gardens so that plants, bushes, trees and animal species can coexist undisturbed.

Our environmental awareness has also led us to reconsider our energy needs, an important factor in a business like ours.

The thermal pool, public areas, treatment cubicles, changing rooms and wellness centre need to be kept at a certain temperature to ensure a pleasant environment and effective use.

How to reconcile these needs, while also reducing our impact on our wonderful surroundings?

Through the entire refurbishment of our heating installations and a remote control system.

Thanks to these interventions, we have improved the management and optimisation of the heating system, avoiding energy waste during closing times.

The appliances work alongside the existing photovoltaic system, guaranteeing autonomous electricity production and energy efficiency.

We are the first spa in Italy to have achieved this goal, shifting decisively towards eco-sustainable choices.

Less pollution, healthier air

What results have our interventions brought?

We have reduced the environmental impact of our establishment, improving air quality and respiratory wellbeing.

Because the health of people goes hand in hand with the health of nature and the planet we call home.

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