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Therapeutic waters and virgin mud


There is reliable information about the thermal springs and water of Riolo dating from as early as 1579, thanks to the scrupulous work of the historian Leonida Costa, who collected and translated Latin texts to study the characteristics of the water from these springs and published the results of his research in a treatise entitled De Aquis Rioli (1579). The first works to channel the thermal water and build treatment facilities began in 1870, at which time names were also given to the springs and buildings.

The mineral waters of Terme di Riolo are of "gessoso solfifera" (gypseous and sulphurous) origin and spring forth in the Vena del Gesso Romagnola Regional Park, from aquifers situated at different depths. The particular geological conformation of the Vena del Gesso (gypsum vein), dating from 7 million years ago, guarantees a progressive addition of mineral salts and biological elements that have been present in the earth's crust for over 500 million years. As it makes its way toward the surface, a process lasting about 40 years, the water passes through lime, sulphate, calcium, sodium chloride and clay deposits and organic layers of varying nature, thus becoming enriched with mineral salts. It is simultaneously filtered of all impurities, while its wealth of biological elements is left intact. By the time it emerges from the surface, the water is thus perfectly filtered, bacteriologically pure and ready to be drunk and used for different therapies.

This Naturel territory is one of the richest in both number and variety of medicinal waters. It boasts about sixty springs which vary in composition. The chemical and physical properties of the water differ greatly, so there are countless applications and therapeutic possibilities that only a physician can know and hence recommend. The thermal waters can be used in many ways: for drinking, irrigation, inhalation or bathing, or applied in association with other mineral or organic substances.

Of the various springs present within the territory, Terme di Riolo uses the sulphurous water called Breta, the salso-bromo-iodine water called Vittoria and margherita and the water called Salsoiodica, four types of water that are essential to the body, being capable of contributing precious mineral salts and vital substances and rebalancing metabolism.

Acqua Breta: sulphurous mineral water, bicarbonate - sulphate - alkaline - earthy. It is one of the most balanced Italian sulphurous waters; it is known for its tolerability, as well as its proverbial efficacy. The main clinical indications are:

In particular, Breta water performs a variety of actions:

Acqua Salsoiodica: salso-bromo-iodine thermal water. Main clinical indications:

Acqua Vittoria and Acqua margherita: salso-bromo-iodine thermal mineral waters with small quantities of hydrogen sulphide. Vittoria also contains considerable amounts of magnesium, in addition to having a higher concentration of sodium chloride. Main clinical indications:


Vulcanetto di fango curativo

The very fine curative mud of Terme di Riolo is unique in Emilia Romagna in that it "springs", or spontaneously emerges from the ground, pushed by gas from "little volcanoes", or mud springs, situated near the spa, and is already Naturelly mixed with salso-bromo-iodine thermal water. The mud of Terme di Riolo displays characteristics which are extremely interesting from the standpoint of heat retention capacity and ion exchange capacity (Official Analyses of the Hydrology and Environmental Protection Section of the Department of Pharmacology II, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pavia, July 1989).
Thanks to its origin, it is extremely plastic, with a velvety texture, and highly penetrable.

Once collected, it undergoes a maturation process in special tubs until acquiring the clinical, physical, biological and therapeutic characteristics that make it the ideal means for an anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, muscle-relaxing and revitalizing therapy.

Vulcanetto di fango curativo

Main clinical indications:

At Terme di Riolo, spring mud is used: